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Types of Bosch Shredder Explained

Cheaper Rapid Model in More Detail

Heavy Duty AXT25D and AXT25TC Models

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Bosch Shredder Repair Tips

Viking GE250 shredder Tested

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Bosch AXT25TC versus Viking GE250

Over the last 17 years of Fredshed I have tested dozens of garden shredders.

For everyday domestic use I prefer Bosch shredders and am confident about recommending them to my readers.

The reason I prefer Bosch shredders is that they are reliable and supply all spare parts for at least 10 years and often more.

They also come with a GENUINE 2 year warranty (extendable free to 3 years via Bosch UK website)

You can call Bosch for advice and if needed have your shredder collected for repair or service.


This skip costs 250 to hire and can only be used once.

A shredder will last for years and provide tonnes of free mulch too.



Which Bosch shredder is best for you ?


Bosch have sold shredders in the UK for around 30 years and produced many models.

The range has been reduced to 3 models now that all work in different ways.

The simple rapid type (AXT2200) is best for softer material and smaller jobs.

The two quiet models (25D & 25TC) self feed and crush woody material better.

 The 25D just crushes and is based on the older models for woody branches only.

The new 25TC model crushes and cuts both woody AND green material, it is also quiet.

More Details Below


The 3 Bosch models currently in production

1. Cheapest - Basic Model - Bosch AXT 2200 Rapid (Impact) shredder

Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 Blade Shredder (40 mm Cutting Capacity)

The AXT rapid shredders were introduced in 2004 and since then have been copied by numerous brands but using inferior parts.


Only the Bosch model uses a reversible, double edged laser cut blade, like a mower blade.

Cheaper Chinese shredders may look the same on the outside but use a smaller weaker blade.

A simple razor blade type shredder blade as found on cheap, Bosch lookalike shredders

These blades literally take a lot of stick and go blunt very quickly. Some manufacturers have increased motor power without upgrading the blades, so they fail even quicker! On top of this most large DIY stores will not sell blades, or know where to get them.

This is one reason why I like Bosch shredders - blades and parts are easily available and for years after the product is discontinued.


How to replace a blade on a Bosch rapid shredder

Open the top and the Allen key required is sitting there in its little slot.

Use a screwdriver to lock the blade disc and undo the blade with the Allen key.

Avoid soil in your shredder to prolong blade life.

Also wire, stones and knotty wood!

The AXT2200 rapid is the most popular and cheapest Bosch shredder.

For use in smaller gardens and mixed material.

It works like a big food processor so I recommend having a spare blade as it will blunt at some stage.

 Bosch Replacement Blade for AXT Rapid 2000/2200

 Bosch Collection Bag/Cover for all Shredders

     Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 Blade Shredder (40 mm Cutting Capacity)        



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2 & 3.  Heavier duty,  silent self feeding models  - AXT 25D and AXT 25TC


The AXT 25D & AXT25TC look the same and have many common parts but the 25D uses the old school cog mechanism.

This limits the material you can shred to branches only. Despite their size both can be easily moved on their 2 rear wheels and the top can come off to be stored in the collecting box to save space in your shed.

The AXT25TC is the newest model and uses a turbine to cut AND crush.

This is unique to Bosch and has not been copied yet because it is patented and also very hard to engineer.

This turbine cutting mechanism shreds hard and soft material. It crushes AND cuts. This makes it suitable for a wider range of material from hedge trimmings up to 40mm diameter branches.

Therefore if you can afford it I recommend that you buy the more versatile AXT25TC and not the old AXT25D. If you want a robust crushing shredder just for woody material and cant afford the Bosch models then the Chinese made Cobra QS2500 cog crushing shredder is the best of the copies I know of.

Buy budget price crushing cog shredder similar to the Bosch AXT25D



AXT25D cog and plate mechanism- Ok for wood but not as good as the new turbine on the AXT25TC


Top Tips For Buying a Bosch Shredder

Bosch shredders come with a 2 year warranty, extendable to 3,  and excellent service backup.

I anticipate turbines will last 4-5 years, no problems reported so far.

Reports of circuit board failure causing TC models to stick in reverse - problem limited to one small batch

25D & 25TC models have built in collecting bins that some users don't like

(Place a bit of carpet under your shredder to stop the bin shaking loose)

Garden shredders are primarily designed for WOODY plant material

Please don't mail me to ask about shredding food waste, apples, nappies, cardboard or straw

ALL domestic shredders have a small top opening due to EU safety law

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Here is a choice of links to get the best deals.


Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 Blade Shredder

Bosch AXT 25 D Quiet Shredder  

Bosch AXT 25 TC Quiet Shredder


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What comes out of your Bosch Shredder?

Finer Chippings from Bosch AXT 2200 Rapid

If you want smaller chippings or you want to shred softer green material the RAPID shredders are for you.

My top tip is to shred material shortly after pruning and try not to stuff too much in at once.

Impact shredders will give stringy "shreddings" if you put too many twigs down together, or the blades get blunt. 

If you want fine, even shreddings, then single long stems are the best provider of this.

If you have a small garden or want a lightweight shredder the rapid version is best.


Chippings from Bosch AXT 25D Cog crushing model

These are the "chunkings" from a Buddleia that went through my test model AXT25D shredder. The old spiral cutting AXT1600HP and AXT2000HP produced similar large size chunkings.

You will notice that the pieces are quite large and some soft green leaves got through relatively unscathed.

If you shred woody material these large "chunkings" make excellent weed suppressing mulch that will take ages to rot down. If you want small chippings to compost quickly then best get another type of shredder.

My personal opinion is that it is more environmentally friendly to let soft material rot naturally in a well made compost heap - if you have the space. Just shred the woody stuff and keep anything over 40mm thick for firewood. If you are really determined to shred soft material then one way is to mix it in with previously shredded material which will also make the output finer and better for composting rather than mulching.


Chippings from Bosch AXT 25TC turbine cut models

These are the mixed size shreddings of various plants  that went through my test model AXT25 TC  shredder.

I have placed a 50p piece in the middle so you have an idea of scale. The size of material produced will vary with what you put in but the main difference is that green material will be more cut up and smaller than if it had been through one of the D models.

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Beckham and Ronaldo get shredding lessons from Fred at the Chelsea Flower Show



Shredding Leaves in a Garden Shredder


Unless they are on branches- not if loose on the ground!

Many people ask which shredder is best for shredding fallen leaves and the answer is a big one with a large hopper.

However, shovelling in piles of leaves is one of the best ways to kill any shredder as so often stones and other debris sneak in and damage the blades or  worse.

Also the type of shredders that can cope with leaves are usually petrol driven, heavy and expensive. To have a wide opening and meet safety regulations means the distance from top to blade must be longer than the longest arm, hence these machine are massive and the top is often out of shovel reach anyway.

I personally think that shredding leaves is a waste of time and a better way of managing them is to let them rot down in a dedicated heap, container , or in bio-degradable Jute leaf sacks. Fallen leaves are one of natures best composts and provide the fertility for the forest floor and trees.

One way to break down leaves is to put them in a plastic dustbin and strim them with a heavy duty grass trimmer. or run your mower over them, especially if you have a Bosch mower with one of the special leaf breaking blades - see link below.

 Bosch F016800367 Sharpened Blade for Rotak 40 Lawnmower

Leaves will take a couple of years to rot properly, but then can be spread out to form a fantastic, fertile, weed suppressing carpet.

Well rotted leaf mulch smells nice and is clean to handle and the Jute leaf sacks look natural and rot down too.


How to Speed up Composting of shredded material

If you want to speed up the rate your shredded material composts then I recommend a handful of a compost accelerator like Vitax every now and again.

 Vitax 10Kg Compost Maker

Add some water at the same time as compost will not break down if it is too dry. Cover the heap or container to keep the heat and moisture in.

Arguably peeing on your compost heap will achieve the same effect but I think it is a bit smelly and not as convenient, especially for the ladies. 


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Shredder Repairs and Common Problems

Shredder repair tips

I have taken apart and repaired a number of shredders.

Parts are available for all Bosch shredders, including the obsolete ones.

I don't supply shredder parts, Bosch do from their UK website.

If you bought a shredder from ebay or a discount suppler and have problems then please contact them, not me. (good luck)

First point of call for all repairs/ technical questions is Bosch.

For Bosch repairs call 0844 736 0109, they will offer a fixed price repair if you want.

You can also ring the Bosch Garden customer care line on 0844 736 0108


Spare Parts for Bosch Shredders and other garden machinery

By law manufacturers electrical equipment must supply spare parts for 10 years.

Many companies who source their products from China do not, and cannot meet this requirement. This includes some household names.

Bosch keep this promise and provide operating manuals and parts diagrams for all models and a dealer locator on their website.

I'm not saying the parts will be cheap or even that a repair to your product is always viable, (skilled labour is expensive) but all parts are available.

Please don't mail me about repairing old shredders. I DON'T have wiring diagrams for any shredder.

On the old aXT2200HP the cog can be easily accessed by removing 4 hex bolts on the front of the shredder.


The helix or spiral cutter from the discontinued AXT1600HP and AXT2000HP machines.

 Bosch Genuine 1607000863 Switch Button AXT2000

The Helix crushes the branch up then the cutter makes them into wood chips

 Bosch Genuine 1601329030 Scraper

The scraper removes sideshoots and guides the branch

These spiral cutters make the machine extremely quiet and self feeding. However the edges can be damaged by stones and wire so take care what you put into this type of shredder. If you have a Bosch AXT1600HP or AXT2000HP and it is not shredding properly, (stringy shreddings), then the helix is probably damaged.

Replacing a helix will cost around 95 in parts and take 90 minutes to do. (You will also need circlip pliers to remove it )

All parts available from the Bosch garden UK website and some from my links.

Atco/ Bosch Genuine 1601000001 Counter Bar


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Bosch AXT 180 , AXT 200, AXT2000 Rapid Shredders

Bosch  AXT 1600 HP , AXT 2000 HP and AXT 2200HP Quiet Shredders

My old 2000 - 15 years ago

Replaced by AXT 25TC and 25D

The older range of Bosch shredders were also branded ATCO since Bosch owned the ATCO brand.

These were German made machines and in normal use commonly last over 10 years. However, eventually if you do a lot of shredding even this machine will need new parts, such as the cog, or screw, and maybe bearings

The Bosch AXT1600HP and AXT2000 HP were unique as they used a spiral screw to crush the branches and pull them in. A replacement spiral screw costs about 80 and is quite a job to replace. Although these machines were good quality they are most prone to problems and those that are left must be nearing the end of their time.

The Bosch AXT2200HP used a cog to crush the branches which although more robust than a spiral screw are still expensive to replace compared to spinning blade. The crushing cog shredders are the toughest and I have had the least complaints about them. In 2009 the AXT25 D was introduced to replace the 2200HP.

Many complaints about shredder failure are due to misuse, (I would say about 50%).

A common problem when old shredders wont start is failure of the capacitor that "kick starts" the motor.

Replacing a Bosch  shredder capacitor is a viable repair as the part is not too expensive.


Other makes of Garden Shredder recommended by Fred

I have tested the following shredders

AL-KO SP5000 Silent shredder, AL-KO Powerslider2500R shredder, Atco 1800 Quiet shredder, Bosch AXT 180 Rapid Shredder, Bosch AXT200 Rapid Shredder, Bosch AXT2000 HP Silent Shredder, Black & Decker GA 1600e shredder, Draper 1800w Shredder, JCB GSB 1800 Shredder, Makita DSH201 Shredder, Powerdevil shredder. Viking GE 250. Wolf SDL2500.

Readers have provided feedback on the

Ryobi RGS 1500 Shredder, MTD 115E shredder, Viking GE35L shredder, Viking GE103 and GE250 shredder. B&Q performance 2100w Quiet shredder.

Viking GE250

The Viking shredder is also top quality but it is an impact shredder so unless you keep those blades sharp it will not perform 100%

Compared to the Bosch quiet models it is noisy, and dusty. It does not self feed material, but handles thin softer material well.

If you put too much in at once it will block and then is a pain to clear. After Bosch, Viking are my next favorite brand of shredder.

Heavy Duty Garden Shredders - Viking GE250 Tested


VIKING Shredder Electric Ge 250 Tool For Gardening


The image below shows the 4 blades on my Viking GE250 shredder. This is basically a standard impact shredder using 2 "razor blade" type blades with the addition of 2 central "wing type" blades.

This configuration of blades works well on thin mixed material but makes a lot of noise and fuss over thicker woody branches. It cuts a maximum width of only 30mm and I found that cutting thick stems quickly blunted the blades and reduced performance.

For shredding thick woody material it is not as easy to use or effective as the Bosch AXT25TC which consistently shreds up to 45mm diameter branches by crushing and cutting and does not require blade sharpening. 

If you want to buy a Viking shredder then you will need to contact your nearest Viking dealer.

Blades on my test model Viking GE250 shredder.


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Tips on using shredders

Always have secateurs and loppers on hand!


Fiskars Large PowerGear Bypass Lopper

Fred's Favorite Loppers - Fiskars Powergear Anvil Lopper

Geared mechanism gives extra power and is made from super strength composite

For shredder users I strongly recommend the larger size bypass lopper.

It cuts to the maximum size that your shredder can handle.

And it gives the most cutting performance per spent.



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Essential Safety Equipment when using shredders


Gloves, goggles and even ear protection should be used when shredding.


Tie back long hair, you could end up with a very bad haircut or worse!

Make sure you clean and sharpen blades on impact shredders regularly.

Empty the bucket that collects the "shreddings" frequently to prevent material from backing up into the lower chute.

Brush or vacuum the motor vents occasionally to prevent overheating and cut outs.

Be a real shredding fanatic and fit an outside power socket!



Would you like my personal tip for the best shredder for your garden ?

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