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Updated 1st April 2017

Latest News - I have lost contact with this manufacturer

Looks like saws not available but blades still are - see my links below

Exakt Inventor Neil Refson showing me the latest tools at NEC

The Exakt Precision saw was invented by my Scottish  friend Neil Refson and is a unique version of a circular saw that has specialist applications and is safe to use.

I have known Neil and supported his work since meeting him at the 2002 launch of his original saw.

The Exakt Precision saw has been designed to cut THIN materials like wood, laminate, plastic and metal and is a very popular tool amongst flooring contractors.  It is also a great tools for sign makers and anyone cutting thin sheets.

With the special G50 diamond edged blade it will even cut tiles and ceramics. However I don't recommend using the smaller Exakt saws for large tiling jobs. A wet wheel is much better and I would only use the Exakt saw for a small number of precision cuts.

During it's evolution there have been various models available for professionals, and DIYers

I have sold and supported this excellent product since its inception.

The original  PS 125 and PS 140, PS 150, and EC310 saws are now discontinued,


Breaking News - New 18 v Cordless Model Available Now!

There are now 3 models of Exakt saws!

2 small saws with 50mm blades  12mm cut (1 mains , 1 cordless)

1 large saw with a 27cm cut  - DC270



                            2 small Exakt saws               

                    The big DC270 for cuts up to 26mm deep




EC- 320 - New Ergonomics - Easier to use - Better case & blades

Better Dust Extraction and Case

 Comes with 3 blades ,including  G50 for Ceramics (small jobs)

also included a pipe cutting attachment

Ideal for general use by DiYers and trades for laminate floors and other sheet materials

Weight of tool 1.2kg

This saw evolved out of the EC-310  GL green coloured Exakt precision saw.

The depth AND length of cut can be set precisely  - hence the name Exakt Precision Saw

The saw MUST be connected to a vacuum for anything other that minor cuts - otherwise the tool may overheat or the blade shield will jam.

Saws that have been used without dust extraction will be excluded from warranty claims.





Comes with 3 50mm diameter blades, HSS 60, 18TCT and G50



 18TCT Exakt Saw Blade







EC- 18v- Cordless freedom built in dust collection

The new 18v model has LI-ion battery and a built in dust bag.

It is like the EC320 but with the convenience of no cable and you don't need to attach a hose to

a vacuum cleaner as it has its own bag. As it is battery powered it is not suitable for large jobs.

I think this is an excellent tool to use in combination with bench type circular saw to speed up the small fiddly cuts.



The EC- 18v uses the same 50mm diameter blades as the EC320 model and gives a cut depth of 11-12mm

I use this saw regularly for fast safe easy cutting of laminate floors and thin sheets of wood.

Buy Exakt Precision Saw & Blades Online

Use my links on this page for blades

from my recommended suppliers

 Exakt Mini Handheld Circular Saw Replacement Blade 30HSS for EC - 310N


8 blades in an aluminium case and the triple value pack


Please buy your blades from these links to support this site and to get the best quality blade.



Buy Individual Blades for EC 320 and EC18v Exakt Precision Saw ,

Blades also fit the following discontinued models

EC310 and  PS-125.

These are the original blades supplied direct from the manufacturer

All are 50mm diameter



If you want 55mm blades for the old PS140 and PS 150 models please mail me as I have some old stock left.






Exakt DC-270

Features of the DC 270

  • Variable depth of cut to 26mm
  • Safe, fully enclosed retractable blade
  • Interchangeable blades
  • Connect to a vacuum cleaner for less mess
  • Comes with a TCT and Diamond Blade




500 W




230 V

Max depth of cut

26 mm

Blade Outer Diameter

110 mm

Blade bore hole

20 mm


2.4 kg



This saw is quite heavy and industrial so I don't recommend it for people with small or weak hands.

This wooded boxed set of 5 blades also includes a spare bolt and washer



Mini Circular Saws

Some similar saws without the safety guard 

Firstly let me say that I have not tested any of these saws, mainly because I would be too scared to use them.  I am a bit of a woosy boy when it comes to using circular saws after seeing my dad take a slice out of his hand with one.

That's why I like the Exakt saws, they are a lot safer, but arguably a little more difficult to use,

(until you lose your fingers)

The saws opposite all look good and if you are very careful are probably worth getting.

If you do lose a finger then let please me know, so I can say I told you so!




Exakt  Accessories

Pipe Cutting Guard & Edge Guide


As the Exakt precision saw is so accurate and easy to keep in a straight line I can't see much use for the guard myself .


Exakt Repairs under Warranty

Exakt saws come with a 12 month warranty and if there is a problem with your saw it will be repaired or replaced.

Most problems occur when the saw is new and are usually small factory induced errors.

The one exception to this and the most common cause of failure of the saw in use is when it has been used without dust extraction.

Using an Exakt saw without dust extraction will void the warranty and will likely cause the saw to overheat. This is more likely to happen when cutting tiles or masonry as the diamond blade produces very fine dust.

Exakt repair technicians in Scotland can tell if a saw has been used this way and will not repair the saw under warranty.

They will dispose of it for you and provide technical evidence of the damage if you require it.

Fitting a vacuum cleaner pipe to your saw does make it more cumbersome to use and it is tempting to do without it if you are in a hurry.

This is like driving a car with no engine oil, it will run for while but you know it cant last!"





Exakt Repairs for saws out of warranty

Exakt offer a superb fixed cost repair if you send your saw to them.

They will repair or replace your saw for 18.50 which includes sending it back to you!  Here is a typical letter from one of my happy readers who used this service on a EC 310 saw

Hi Fred
I've been meaning to drop you a quick note for a while, as I sent my Exakt saw for repair to the address you gave me.  What an excellent service!  I posted the saw on Saturday, and received it back by the following Thursday.  I paid a flat charge of 18.50 and received what I think was a reconditioned saw - complete with a new blade!  Exakt paid the return postage and I was highly delighted.  Thanks for your help with this - really appreciated - perhaps you can give them a plug on your site for fast and excellent repair service. 
Best wishes.
Glynn , Halifax


Best DIY Tile Cutters


Although the Exakt Precision saw will cut tiles with its G50 diamond blade it is not a tool I would recommend for a large tiling job. I think that tiles are best cut wet and recommend a wet wheel cutter.

The plasplugs compact plus is a good model with a bath to collect the water and mess. However, there will still be some upwards spray so accept that it is a messy job.

For fast work on straight cuts then a flat bed tile cutter that scores and snaps the tile is also handy and creates no mess. The Exakt saw is a specialist tool that will plunge cut into already fixed tiles.

The Exakt PS-150 and the large DC-270 are the best of the Exakt saws for tile cutting but must be used with a hose attached to a vacuum to prevent clogging and overheating.

Below are my recommended conventional tile cutting tools for serious DIYers, (my master tiler Dave uses a Rubi saw costing 100's )







Click Here For My Page For Cordless ChainSaws


Power Take off Vacuum Cleaners


This little vacuum cleaner can be used like any other vacuum but also has a power take off socket so you can use it as an extension for any powertools that make dust.

When you turn on the tool, the vacuum comes on automatically, which saves you running 2 cables and saves you time switching them both on and off.

This vacuum was designed for use with the Exakt precision saw and uses paper bags and a Hepa filter. It replaces a similar Exakt PV600 model that did not have Hepa filtration.


Whilst the Exakt saw must be used with a vacuum for anything other than very small cuts you don't need to have a special power take off vacuum

A British made Henry Vacuum cleaner is suitable and fits the Exakt connector well.



                         Standard -               Hepa-                  wet-n-dry                      -






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