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Do You Suffer From Back Pain? Can't Do As Much Gardening?

Before starting Fredshed I worked for 6 years as a horticultural therapist, helping elderly and disabled people at The Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre in Oxford, England. The Nuffield is one of the worlds leading Orthopaedic hospitals and is famous for pioneering surgery. As part of my work I helped teach on a course for people with serious back problems.

My job involved researching tools and techniques to help people use gardening as a form of rehabilitative therapy; often after surgery. During this time I produced 2 books and obtained and tested hundreds of tools from around the world.

Working as a Horticultural Therapist at the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre in Oxford

On this page I will outline some important principles for working with tools in the home and garden and feature a few special tools that are particularly good if you have a back problem.

** The advice on this page is written for people with minor back problems such as low grade pain (backache) and difficulty bending. If you have these problems or anything more serious then I recommend that you consult a qualified physician or therapist before undertaking any serious gardening or DIY work.

My back is done is so painful I can't do the gardening anymore

How many times have I heard this from desperate and depressed patients in the hospital. Well for what it is worth my own back really is "done in"** so much so that I am paralysed from the waist down and use a wheelchair.

However! I can usually do the gardening, and if I had the time, I could come and do yours too!

The secret to gardening with any kind of back problem is to use your brain, think more, find special tools and equipment to reduce strain and most importantly




Unless you are prepared to take on these ideas in full then, I would recommend that you give up now, hire a gardener or concrete your garden.

Unless you are prepared to take on these ideas in full then,  I would recommend that you give up now and hire a gardener or call in the concreters.


Still with me?              good!          To overcome this type of problem you need to be determined and not be put off. There is a saying,  "where there is a will- there is a way".

Firstly, know all you can about your condition, seek advice from different sources, and become your own expert, but part of the team. You could even keep a diary to try to identify what effects your condition.


Before doing any gardening or DIY make sure you do a few warm-up exercises. Gently stretch and move to prepare your body. Wear the comfortable clothes, and try not to get cold.

Think of your garden or work area as a GYM, do the work carefully and properly and you will benefit. Overdo it or misuse the equipment and you may get hurt.

Pace yourself, even keep a timer in your pocket. Don’t be a Turkey and stop when you hurt. Stop before and come back to fight another day.


Think like an athlete,  when you stop,  cool down, do a few gentle cool down exercises, go and rest, maybe have a cup of tea.

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The following tools are some of those I often recommended  for people with back problems**

Digging without bending - new accessory under testing

The  Kikka Digga clamps to virtually any fork or spade in seconds


Kikka Digga Garden Digging Gadget Fork & Spade Attachment Tool

I am currently testing the UK made Kikka Digga.

This product fits onto your existing spade or fork and then enables you to flick the soil over rather than bending and lifting.

The resulting job can look a bit of a mess but then you can easily rake the soil level , having avoided any lifting or bending.

I will be reporting more findings as members of my team use the tool more.

Solid Forged Digging Fork with longer handle

This traditionally made digging fork has an extra long handle to make digging easier for taller folk.

It is arguable that most forks and spades sold today are too short as they are the same length as tools made hundreds of years ago when people where shorter. I dunno about that but it is obvious that longer tools suit longer people and this fork has the strength to be able to take the extra strain

it is possible to bend any fork if you try hard enough or use it inappropriately

Garden or digging forks are designed for soil and are most commonly damaged when use to lever roots and rocks which is a task more suited to a crowbar or pickaxe.

use links below for smaller "border size"  size digging tools.

 Bulldog Premier Border Fork

Bulldog Premier Wood Border Spade

The handle on this Bulldog spade is 4 inches longer than the standard version.

Modern Lightweight Shovel

Fiskars Exact Shovel

This excellent wide headed shovel for moving heaps of soil, sand or gravel.

It has a huge comfortable handle and oval section shaft for strength and lightweight.

Made in Finland, this shovel is a quality tool, made to last.



Fiskars Large Xact Soil Moving Shovel


Soil Cultivating Tiller

The tool shown above  is the Wolf soil Miller. It is a well made German tool that has been in production for at least 25 years. It is ideal for re-cultivating large areas of soil without the need to dig or bend. It will not clear away large weeds as they will get caught in the spiked wheels that are designed for breaking down the soil.

The rear of the tool has a swinging blade that cuts down to 4 inches in the soil. It is used in a backwards and forwards motion to enable the spiked wheels to break down the soil dug up by the swinging blade.

I have used this fantastic tool for over 15 years and recommend it to people who have good soil and regularly prepare open soil for vegetable planting.

The Wolf Soil Miller is part of the excellent Wolf Multichange system where around 50 tools and handles are interchangeable.

Many manufacturers have introduced this type of tool system but none have lasted as long as Wolf or made them to the same quality or had the consistency of distribution in the UK.

Price approx 50 with handle (sold separately)


 Wolf Garten UIMC Multi-Change Leaf Rake

 Wolf Garten ZM140 3944142 Eschenstiel Multi-Star

If you found my page useful please come back and use my Amazon, and other links when purchasing as this helps pay for my site and work, thanks, Fred

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Long Handled Cut and Hold Pruner


Darlac DP110 1000m Cut-n-Hold Snapper

 Telescopic Snapper Adjustable


 Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Easy Reach Pruner

This long handled cut and hold pruner is one of my favorite tools and one that I have used for over 15 years. That's why I gave it my the first ever Golden Shed Award.

It comes in different sizes from the 650mm version up to the  telescopic one that extends to 3m!

This tool is ideal for light pruning up to 16mm thick, and for deadheading roses etc. Whilst working as an NHS horticultural therapist I recommended this tool to hundreds of patients with back pain. I received many letters of thanks and never had a tool returned faulty.

The the best version is Dp110 at 1m and is superb for reaching climbing roses or into the back of deep prickly borders.

The Darlac Snapper" can be used one or two handed and has a lot of handle adjustment. It is also very well made and I am still using one that I have had for over 10 years.

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 Fiskars Long reach lawn Puller review

 Fiskars Weed Puller - Black

 Fiskars Light Weed Puller - Black

This excellent lightweight gadget requires no bending to use, (as long as your eyesight and co-ordination is good).

It has 3 jaws that clamp around the weed and when you pull it backwards the weed is pulled out.

You can then remove the weed from the jaws by sliding the orange apart of the handle to push them off into your bucket or barrow.

I have tested literally hundreds of weed pulling tools in my long career as a garden tool reviewer and it is important to be realistic about their performance.

No weed puller will get every weed out as they tend to work better on larger deep rooted weeds.

Also they require accuracy to use so if your eyesight is bad and you can see the weed you want to remove these precision weeders are no use as you will end up bending down to trap the weed first.

As weed pullers go this is a good one and I like using it in the right conditions.

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Best tool to pick up leaves without bending

Darlac Grab-n-lift - does what it says on the tin.

Darlac DP556 Grab-N-Lift

Spear & Jackson Leaf Grabber


Its simple - It works.


Helping Hand Pick Up tools

Grabbers and Pick Sticks tested by Fred-in-the-shed


 The Helping Hand Company New Handi-Grip Pro Reacher (32")

I have a large collection of grabbers that I use at home, in my garden and workshop.

I keep one in every room so I am not tempted to bend down and strain my back.

Grab sticks are useful in the garden, my personal favourite for the garden is from Gardena as it can even pull out weeds and has a extendable spike to collect litter too.

For home use I like the yellow helping hand which is shaped to hold round objects as well as square and small things.


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Raised Beds and Raised Planters


If you have difficulty bending and/or digging then growing your plants in raised timber beds may be a good solution. By bringing the plants nearer to your reach and not walking on the soil means that there is less compaction and therefore less cultivation of the soil required.

When I first started researching tools and techniques for gardening with back pain there were no "off the shelf" raised beds available and most were custom built out of railway sleepers and concrete panels.

Thankfully today kits are available in eco friendly treated timber so that you can build a raised planter to your size and height easily and cost effectively.

For aesthetic reasons and also to accommodate plants of different heights I like to see raised beds of a mixed height as shown in the photograph above.

Click the link below to see the largest range from one of my retailing partners.

Manger style wooden raised planters

Click here to see other raised bed systems

If you spend over 50 on the above planters or any product from Harrod Horticultural




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2 Tools in 1 Grass and shrub trimming!

The Bosch ISIO can be converted from a grass shear to a small shrub trimmer in seconds and is surprisingly efficient.

 Running time is very good thanks to the Li-ion batteries and I get 20 minutes use which included some woody shrub material. The softer the material you cut the longer the battery will last between re-charges.

The Bosch ISIO is available as a grass trimmer and/or a shrub trimmer. There is also a kit that includes both blades which is very good value and known as the "Bosch ISIO shape and edge kit"

A new , breakthrough in powered garden tools, this lightweight grass shear and shrub trimmer has Lithium Ion batteries for power and durability.

Lithium ion batteries are also more environmentally friendly.

 Bosch Isio Cordless Shrub/ Grass Shear

 Bosch Teleskopstiel Isio

 Bosch Sprayer Attachment for Isio III Shrub & Grass Shears

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Best Garden Kneeler Seat


Draper 64970 Folding Seat and Kneeler

This sturdy little seat can be used for kneeling or sitting and has the added advantage that it can be folded flat for easy carrying and storage.

These seats have been around for many years and I often recommended them to people during my work as an NHS Horticultural Therapist at the Mary Marlborough Centre in oxford. (now known as Oxford Centre for Enablement)

Some of the plastic garden kneelers and seats are very slippery to grip or unstable to sit on.

This seat is manufactured by Draper Tools and is the best I have found.

If you want a similar seat that is a little higher for taller people there is one made by Town and Country.

Also if you don't need a seat but kneel a lot then save your knees from bruising with a foam pad.


 Draper 30310 Gardener's Kneeler

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This is my favourite tool for Back pain Relief

Thumper Sport Pro Massager


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