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Me testing the Gtech Falcon, Flymo Mighti-Mo and Bosch Rotak 37li

Back in 2013 with the CEL DM20,Worx 24V 785E and old version Bosch Rotak 37 Li

Battery Powered mowers have been around for decades.  They were originally designed for small lawns, or those far away from mains power.

An ancient Webb battery mower like the one I used 35 years ago.

The first version of the lightweight Bosch Rotak Li - tested in my garden in 2007.

Today, thanks to new battery technology, cordless mowers can cut large lawns.

They are also safer as the lack of cable reduces the risk of electrocution & tripping.


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Best Cordless Electric Rotary Mowers


Best Cordless Mower ? The Bosch Rotak Li Range






It's like driving an F1 car - but less dangerous

 Bosch pioneer the breakthrough in battery technology for mowers

The Bosch Rotak Li launched in 2007 and was the first mower to have a lithium ion battery.

I had one of the first and am still using it today - with the same battery!

Before the Rotak  I tested many cordless mowers, but none of them were machines I could have used as my main mower. An example of this was my old 12v Black &Decker cordless mower. It gave a surprisingly good cut on a small lawn, but lacked the power to cope with longer grass or larger lawns.

The Bosch Rotak Li was the first cordless mower that I was happy to use without a backup mains mower due to its lightweight but very powerful 36v Lithium Ion rechargeable battery. With its exceptionally well engineered grass box and blade the Rotak cuts AND collects better than any cordless mower I know. The inset front wheels and side fins enable these mowers to cut right to the edge. The plastic body is light but tough and the rear roller is a feature that is missing on most other cordless mowers. An optional mulching panel is available and from 2017 so are special blades for chomping up leaves.

The other great thing about these mowers is that they are made in the UK, in Stowmarket, Suffolk. Some of the smaller mains powered Bosch mowers are made in China.

Bosch give a genuine 2 year warranty on their mowers and you can extend this to 3 years for free by registering your purchase within 4 weeks on the MyBosch website. I don't know any other manufacturer with such a good warranty.

In 2014 I visited the Stowmarket factory and was very impressed with the attention to detail and quality control measures implemented. Not only that but the Suffolk workers export these mowers to Germany and other European countries.

This is me inspecting the Bosch Rotak production line in Suffolk.

I was impressed how every completed box is weighed so they know that no parts are missing.



The Rotak Li comes in 3 sizes, based on a 32cm, 37cm cut and 43cm cut. All have sturdy wheels with a rear roller for that stripy effect. Blade height (cut height) is easily adjusted by one large lever and can be as low as 30mm.

The 36v battery is the same as the ones used in Bosch Professional Power tools like builders' drills so it is well tried and tested. My one has lasted 10 years so far and is still going strong.  The 32li and 37li models come with one battery and start at about £300, the larger 43cm model comes with 1 or 2 batteries for cutting lawns up to 600sqm. Just to confuse people different models come with 2.6 or 4 amp hour batteries!

Battery charging time is 1 hour except for the 32Li which has a lower spec charger and takes 90 minutes.

However, as these are Li-Ion batteries you don't have to fully charge them so you can give them a shorter charge without harming the battery.

Battery Update News!

The original battery was 2.6 amp hour. Now, larger 4 amp hour batteries are available but so are smaller 2.0 Ah ones! 

 If you see a bargain mower check which batteries it comes with!




Check price of Rotak 32li with spare blade included

If you have a large lawn the Bosch Rotak 43Li is the one to get!


 Bosch Rotak 43 LI-2 Ergoflex Rotary Mower

Compare prices of Bosch Cordless Mowers from another Fredshed partner

2 different batteries available


 2.6 and now 4.0 amp hour replacement 36v batteries

Bosch 36 V Battery 2.6 Ah

 Bosch 36 V Battery 4.0 Ah


Other Models and Confusion Marketing

The Rotak 42Li, 370li and 430li are special build models exclusive to Amazon and other large retailers.

They appear to be cheaper but come with smaller 2.0 Ah batteries. Apart from that I think they are the same as the 37Li and 43Li but I can't guarantee it.


If you are confused e mail for advice on which model is best for you



Blade Options and a Mulching Accessory For Rotak Li Mowers

(larger models only)

The mulching panel saves time and helps feed your lawn. It is best used for frequent cuts when grass is not too long.

Contrary to the info on Amazon the mulching plate does not fit the 37li models and smaller.

 Bosch Multi-Mulch for Rotak 40/ Rotak 43/ Rotak 43 LI


Other Bosch 36v tools that use the same 36v battery system


  Bosch ART 30-36 LI 36v Cordless Grass Trimmer 300mm Cut without Battery or Charger

Bosch AHS 54-20 LI Cordless 36 Volt Li-Ion Hedgecutter (baretool: supplied without battery/without charger)

 Bosch ALB 36 LI 36 V Cordless Lithium-Ion Leaf Blower

Bosch AKE 30 LI Cordless 36 Volt Lithium-Ion Chainsaw (baretool: supplied without battery/without charger)

  Bosch give a genuine 2 year warranty that you can extend to 3 years for free by registering your purchase within 4 weeks on the MyBosch website.

I don't know any other manufacturer with such a good warranty.



The Most Powerful User-Propelled Cordless Mower

56V Ego Cordless Mower

I am currently testing the EGO Power+ 56V cordless mower.

Since testing this mower higher capacity models have appeared such as the Mountfield 80v model - so watch this space!

This impressive mower appeared in 2015 and gives a 49cm (20inch) wide cut. It is powerful enough to replace a petrol mower for many domestic lawns.

The patented 56v, 4 amp hour, Li-ion battery uses a new C shaped design that keeps it cool and thus performing better. 

On an average lawn the battery should give 45 minutes of cutting and cover up to 800sqm.

The quality of the body is exceptional and I love the easy height adjustment, easy battery removal and the LED headlights.

As this mower is mainly aimed at the US market the lowest setting is not as short as some Brits would expect.

The EGO power+ lawnmower has the best folding handle mechanism I have seen and this will help you store this beast of a mower in a relatively small space.

I do believe that this product heralds the beginning of the end for the petrol mower in the domestic setting.

The superb battery can power other garden tools and there is also a lighter weight, 2 amp/hour battery available.

Check Ego 56v Mower Price from a Fredshed Partner



CEL DM20 and the Cobra MX46S40V

Self-propelled means self-driving - it moves itself along, unlike hand propelled mowers like the Bosch Rotak range.

 In 2011, the CEL DM20 was the first self-propelled, rotary, battery mower. It was a breakthrough in mower technology and had the most powerful battery ever used in a rotary mower.

It had 2 separate motors, a huge 17 amp hour lead acid battery, 20 inch (51cm) cut and a steel deck.

I tested one on my lawn in Oxford and it was powerful enough to pull me along behind it in my wheelchair!

Due to the MASSIVE battery and twin motors it was very heavy and hard to manoeuvre in tight spaces.

 As a result of this and improvements in battery technology it is is no longer available in the UK.

A good alternative, but with the latest Li-ion batteries, is the COBRA MX46S40V for around £460.

This mower uses one 40v battery to drive itself along and the other to spin the blade.

This sort of mower is great on wide open lawns but can be awkward to manoeuvre in tight spaces due to the drive controls.

Click here for info on the new Cobra MX46S40V

If you lack some strength or agility then you may actually be better with a lighter weight Bosch Rotak 43Li that you push.

The Rotak mowers are light enough for me to push from a wheelchair but are strong enough to my one to last 10 years.

If you need a self propelling mower for a REALLY large lawn I would consider petrol until the price of large Li-ion batteries comes down.

At Fredshed I focus on cordless and not petrol so I can't claim to be an expert on those. The brands I like are Honda, Hayter, Viking and Cobra.

Cobra petrol mowers are designed in the UK for the UK. They are a fairly priced with good spares and back up from a company I have known for years.

The Self propelled Cobra RM40 SPC model below is being used by a family member and has the easy start mechanism. It is a lot of mower for around £300. 

Cobra Petrol Mowers



Entry Level Budget Price Cordless Mowers

The Flymo 40v Mighti-Mo

Under Testing,  on my Lawn - By The Mighty Sarah 

The Flymo Mighti-Mo is the smallest and cheapest cordless available.  It has a 30cm cut and a run time of 25 minutes.

The cut width and battery makes it suitable for lawns up to the size of a tennis court, if you cut it regularly.

The battery is 40v, 2 amp hour and is slightly fiddly to put in but gives enough power to cut most small lawns.

A few users have reported it cutting out on long grass or if the battery is not pushed in fully.

I have been assured by Flymo this was problem with a small batch and has been resolved.

However, make sure you push the battery in firmly and close the plastic lid on it.

If you let your grass get long before you cut then this cheap little Flymo (and most cordless mowers) are not for you.

After using the Mighti-Mo for most of this season I am really liking it and have seen the new grass trimmer that Flymo are releasing next year that uses the same battery.


 Flymo Mighti-Mo 300 Li - 40V Cordless Battery Lawnmower



Other Cordless Mower Options - GTECH GREENWORKS OR WORX?


The Gtech Falcon is made in China but designed by Nick Grey, the British owner of Gtech.

It costs around £349 and gives a 43cm cut from a 36v 4 amp hour battery.

This is slightly cheaper than a Bosch Rotak 43Li to which it has a similar specification.

The Gtech Falcon looks good and has some clever features like the handle that folds-over for better storage.

It also has easy sliding handle height adjustment.

The 36v battery looks like a nuclear fuel flask with spooky green lights to show how charged it is.

The downside to this mower..

The battery can only be used in this Gtech mower and their new leaf blower, though more tools will probably follow.

The Gtech falcon does not have a rear roller to make stripes on your lawn.  

Click here for more info on Gtech cordless garden tools


Worx 24v and 40v Cordless Mowers

In 2010 the Chinese company Worx launched three 24v cordless mowers and I tested the more expensive WG 785E version with the 40cm cut and silent power option.

There were two smaller versions, the WG773 and the WG774. All three used old fashioned 24v lead acid batteries, specifically two 12v motorcycle batteries.


In 2015 Worx upgraded to 40v Li-ion batteries in the same mower bodies.

This model has a 33cm cut and a 40v 2 amp hour battery, spare batteries are around £70.

Worx WG776E 40 V LI-Ion Cordless Rotary Lawn Mower

WORX WA3536 40V Lithium Ion Battery Pack

Greenworks 40v Cordless Mowers

Chinese manufacturer Greenworks make superb batteries for European brands and also 5 ranges of their own cordless tools from 24-80v.

The two 40v mowers I tried both cut very well and are reliable and easy to use.

The 35cm cut version shown above is very good value with its 2 amp hour battery.

Several models available in different sizes and available with or without batteries.

Premium models now have more efficient brushless motors.


 Greenworks Tools 2501907ua 2Ah Lithium-Ion Cordless Lawnmower with battery and charger 40 V 35 cm





Cut regularly so that the battery is not strained by long grass.

Remember to charge the battery over winter and don't leave it in a damp shed.

Keep the blade sharp - a blunt blade will make the mower work harder.

Keep the underside clean - same reason.

If you are UK based and want help choosing a mower, e-mail and give lawn dimensions and your budget guide.





Go Green with a Push Mower!

If you cut your lawn regularly a push mower is an easy tool to use and has many advantages:

1. It will help keep you fit

2. It uses no fuel but burns your fat

3. It makes less noise

4. It is mechanically simple and is unlikely to go wrong

5. It has low running costs


Fiskars Momentum Push Mower

Fiskars Momentum Reel Mower

This amazing mower was invented by my tool design guru Marcus in Finland is the most advanced push mower yet.

It has a wider cut than previous push or reel mowers, and unlike all of those that have gone before it can cut right to the edge.

The best feature of the Fiskars momentum is how easy it is to push and also that it can cut long grass

Another good feature is that the handles are height adjustable and can be quickly removed for easy storage.

I tested the Fiskars Momentum for 3 years and was very impressed.

The grass box does not come with the mower but is available as an option.

The mower is quite expensive but is superb quality and will save you a fortune at the gym!

 Fiskars 113880 Momentum Reel Mower

 Fiskars Momentum Grass Catcher

If you like the fine cut of a cylinder mower but are not fit enough to push one or have a large lawn there are now cordless, battery powered cylinder mowers available.

See the latest 40v cordless cylinder mowers


How to Sharpen a Blade on a Cylinder Mower

The easiest and cheapest way of sharpening as small cylinder mower is to use a kit which is basically a strip of abrasive that fits above the cutting plate and below the cylinder blades. You then lower the cylinder slightly until there is some contact and then run the mower. I have used this kit many times with good results.

 Multi-Sharp® 1101 Cylinder Mower Sharpener 30cm/12"


Robot Lawnmowers - The Ultimate Cordless Lawnmower

Bosch Indego 350 Connect Robotic Lawnmower

The Bosch Indego has some unique features and I went to see the first version launched at the 2013 Chelsea Flower Show. An updated version called the Indego Connect appeared in 2015 with an app for internet control. It is powered by a 36v Li-ion battery. The model has been discontinued in 2017 and a totally new more compact model known as the Indego Connect 350 has been launched for 2017

The best feature of this model is that it cuts in straight lines instead of the random pattern that most other robot mowers use. This increases battery duration and reduces wear marks on your lawn. The Indego is made in the old Suffolk Punch factory in Stowmarket, UK.

Flymo launch lowest price robot mower - powered by 18v Li-ion battery.

Flymo Lithium-ion Robotic Lawnmower 1200 R

Flymo is owned by Swedish company Electrolux who pioneered robot mowing with their Husqvarna robot mower.

Their entry level Flymo robot is ideal for small, well kept simple shaped lawns. If you have a larger lawn another good alternative is the Worx Landroid which is like the Bosch Indego in that it is Internet connected.


For help choosing a cordless mower e-mail me

Strictly UK enquiries only please

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Keeping the underside of the mower clean and the blade sharp will reduce the stress on the motor and increase its life.

You will also be able to cut the lawn faster and it will look better with a clean cut to the ends of the blades of grass

Best Value Lawn Treatment Product

A thick mossy lawn is hard to cut and can strain the motor of your mower.

Many lawn treatment products are just cleverly packaged iron sulphate. Fred uses iron sulphate to kill his moss.

Fred is smart - be like Fred and use iron sulphate to improve your mowing!


 Iron sulphate 1 KG Tub - Lawn Conditioner and Moss Killer. Dry Powder easily soluble in water

 2.5KG Sulphate Of Iron Lawn Feed, Conditioner - Easily Soluble In Water

 Spear & Jackson 8 Litre Pump Action Pressure Sprayer



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