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Currently Under Testing

New 3 Way Tap Connector

The Hozelock Flow Max has 2 connectors for hosepipes and a separate outlet on the side so that you can fill a can without having to disconnect any of your hosepipes. This is particularly useful if you are using water timers. Also the water can outlet part can be moved to either side of the unit to suit your needs.

 Hozelock 2 Way Flow Max Connector




Made in Finland using the latest Oval tubing. Ergonomic handles, treads on the spade make them a joy to use. These tools are still very strong even though they only weight 1.2KG which is about half the normal weight of a full size digging tool. Fiskars have been making tools for 360 years so you can be sure these are well made. 

Fiskars Light Fork

 Fiskars Light Digging Spade

 Fiskars Light Planting Spade

For more details and other brands





The lightest cordless chainsaw at 3.76KG including battery

This is not the most powerful cordless chainsaw available but it certainly is the most well designed and efficient one. it has all the features found on petrol chainsaws but it is much easier and safer to handle. For more details see link below or your nearest Stihl dealer as these tools are not sold online.

Cordless chainsaws - tested and reviewed

Click here to see my special page dedicated to cordless chainsaws



VIKING MA339C - 36v Cordless Mower -2016 model

This top quality cordless mower is manufactured in Austria and has a unique and  innovative folding handle that also provides easy access to the grass box. The grass box can also be emptied by flipping up the top, which is so much easier than trying to tip it out of a small opening. With the handle folded down the mower can be stored vertically to save space.



The Strongest no kink- no twisting Hosepipe

To test the Everflow hose I parked my 1 ton car on it and also tried to kink the hose.

Despite this nothing stopped the water coming out!

During the 16 years I have been running this website and testing tools I have seen several hosepipes that claim to be anti- kink - twist resistant, crush proof,  long life, guaranteed forever but non have delivered the promise and the best one mysteriously disappeared.

Well know I have come across the Everflow hose that is made in the UK by Copely Developments

The hose is multilayered, a bit stiff and slightly heavy but from my tests so far is totally unstoppable.

The unique feature that makes the Everflow hose so un-crushable is that it has an internal baffle.

To test the hose I parked my huge Chrysler 300c on it and the water came through unaffected.

Previously I tested a Hozelock Ultra Flex Hose

 Hozelock  has  been making hoses in the UK for donkeys years and also have top class technical help and warranty support. They offer a range of qualities and lengths to suit your garden. The Hozelock anti kink hose resisted kinking more than most and can be useful but it is not 100% unstoppable like the Everflow hose.

remember when buying  plastic products! Buy  cheap - buy twice !

 RHS Everflow 25m Garden Hose (1/2)

 RHS Everflow 50m Garden Hose (1/2)

 RHS Everflow 100m Garden Hose (1/2)






If you have a natural stone patio or one made from concrete slabs it is inevitable that after a while it will become slippery, lose its colour and eventuallyblacken. Some of this filth will be mould and slime but some will be black spot, which are tree spores that start to grow into the fabric of the stone. Due to this deep ingress blackspot and cannot be totally removed by pressure washing.

In fact over use of a pressure washer can damage the surface of the stone, so I went on a mission to find the best way to clean a patio.

In May 2016 I discovered Patio Black Spot remover and tested it on my patio in Oxford  The main feature of the product is that you just spray it on, (undiluted) from a Hozelock type spray gun , leave it 30 minutes and then lightly pressure wash it off.

I found that within minutes of spraying a milky foam appeared on the slab surface and I could actually see the black spot dissolving. 6 months later my slabs are still clean whilst the trial ones that I only pressure washed are black again. From this I conclude that the patio black spot removal fluid does a very good job.

During cleaning I managed to overspray onto some plants but these were not harmed.

The product is available in 2 and 4 litres containers. It is not cheap but is incredibly effective and will save you a lot of time and for a lot of people time is money!   The product is also made in the UK and has very good UK customer support.

 Patio Black Spot Remover 4 Litre for Artificial Stone

 5L Pump Action Pressure Sprayer - use with water, fertilizer or pesticides




New Range of Bosch Pressure Washers

This is the new Bosch AQT35-12 pressure washer.  I was not a big fan of domestic pressure washers in general as I have found most to be unreliable, difficult to use and a pain to store.

The new Bosch models are much smaller and lighter than previous models and with its on board tool storage and quick release fitting it is fun to use. The folding handle also makes storage easier.

There 2 models have different power outputs but both have folding handles for easy storage and are available with just the 3 way gun or with the full range of accessories.


 Kärcher K4 Full Control Pressure Washer

 Kärcher K4 Full Control Home Pressure Washer

 Fredshed TEST Update

My Bosch AQT35-12 pressure washer has had over a year of heavy use and is performing very well.

It is a vast improvement on the previous model and I am happy to recommend it to Fredshed readers.

The optional patio washing hood does prevent your feet getting a bit wet but makes accurate cleaning work harder. My advice is too buy the pressure washer but invest in some good Wellingtons instead of the patio washing gadget.




Lightweight Trolleys and Tubtrugs

My Mum with her Trug and Truck

The Fredshed recommended and approved Tubtrugs have been a boon to many gardeners and now their use can be enhanced by this superb little truck to enable you to easily move material and turn your Tubtrug into a lightweight alternative to a wheelbarrow.

I gave this sample to my Mum for testing and never got it back so we know this one is a winner!


Trug Trolley - Exclusive to Home & Garden Extras. This lightweight frame with sturdy wheels makes moving garden trugs, rubber buckets, etc, around the garden easy (Blue)

 Tubtrugs 42L Large Flexible 2-Handled Recycled Tub, Pistachio

 Tubtrugs 26L Medium Flexible 2-Handled Recycled Tub, Pistachio

 Tubtrug Flexible Micro: Red




This well made plastic planter is ideal for slug free growing as it is available with a

ventilated propagator cover. This will protect your seedlings from the cold as well and can be taken off when your plants are larger.

The planter is around £30 and comes in 4 colours.

The lid is around £16 and is sturdy and UV stabilized, it is not the brittle plastic that you get on small propagators


 elho XX-Large Green Basics Grow Table - Living Black

 elho 2X-Large Green Basics Grow House - Transparent


NEW - Fiskars Quikdrill - Spiral Auger For Making Holes For Planting and Fenceposts

Under Testing - watch this space


 Fiskars Medium QuikDrill Garden Drill  



The Most Powerful Cordless Mower ? - (user propelled)

I am currently testing the EGO Power+ 56V cordless mower.

This impressive mower is new for 2015 and gives a 49cm  (20inch) wide cut. It is powerful enough to replace a petrol mower for many domestic lawns.

The patented 56v, 4 amp hour , Li-ion battery uses a new design that keeps it cool and performing to the max.  On an average lawn the battery should give 45minutes of cutting and cover up to 800sqm. The quality of the body is exceptional and I love the easy height adjustment, easy battery removal and the LED headlights.

The EGO power+ lawnmower has the best folding handle mechanism I have seen and this will help you store this beast of a mower in a relatively small space.

The superb battery can power other garden tools and there is also a lighter weight, 2 amp hour battery available.

watch this space or e-mail me for further details.

Click here for details of the EGO 56v Cordless mower



Fiskars Xact Range

Extra Long and Lightweight  Forks and Spades

Fiskars have made tools like this for many years and have now improved the design further with even longer handles. The oval section  aluminium shaft makes this possible without introducing a weakness and they back this up with a 10 year warranty Other nice features are treads on the spade , a curve at the bottom of the shaft and a big comfy grip handle.

There are 2 types of spade, one has a pointed blade for tougher soil and both come in 2 lengths

The pointy edge spade is called the "digging Spade"

The fork is available in 2 lengths 1.08 and 1.2m

The longer tools are  1.2m so  ideal for the taller gardener.

The tallest tool is an excellent wide headed shovel for moving heaps of soil, sand or gravel.

I will be testing and reporting more on these tools soon .

Fiskars has been making tools in Finland since 1649 and from my experience offer the best genuine warranties

Please use links opposite to purchase


108cm total


 Fiskars Medium Xact Digging Spade

 Fiskars Medium Xact Edging and Planting Spade

 Fiskars Medium Xact Soil Work Fork


120cm total

 Fiskars Large Xact Digging Spade

 Fiskars Large Xact Edging and Planting Spade

 Fiskars Large Xact Soil Work Fork



 Fiskars Large Xact Soil Moving Shovel





The Best Solar Powered Garden Wall Light

44LED Bulbs!

The amazing solar PIR light is the biggest and most powerful I have ever seen.

It is powered by 2 REPLACEABLE Lithium -ion 3.7v batteries and has 44 LED's

I am seriously impressed with this light and I think if you put it high up in an open south facing position it should be able to light a small patio on it own.

It is also IP65 rated to resist water ingress and has 4 settings so you can chose how and when it comes on.

 Kacuco Large Size 44 LED 1600 Lumens 3000mAh Outdoor Wireless Solar Energy Powered Motion Sensor Light Ponds Accent Lighting Pond Decor Lamp Finials with Three Intelligent Modes




Adar Outdoor Fragrance - Make your garden like the beach! 

These long lasting fragrances were developed in Grasse, the perfume centre of France and will give your outdoor space a wonderful aroma that will last for days.

The 300ml bottles come in 5 different scents and I tested the Siesta Breeze by spraying it on my decking area and palm tree trunk in Oxford.  For several days my city garden had the pleasant aroma of the sea and made me feel all happy and holiday like - ahh


 Adar Indoor and Outdoor Fragrance Spray - Siesta Breeze 300ml

 Adar Indoor and Outdoor Fragrance Spray - Sandalwood Mahara 300ml

 Adar Indoor and Outdoor Fragrance Spray - Lawn Scape 300ml







Latest news!  I have superb compost!


 The hotbox,  compost bin is a new design that speeds up composting by concentrating the heat from the decomposing food and plant material .

It is constructed of thick black Polystyrene that absorbs the suns energy and superheats the material inside.  There is a thermometer built into the lid to allow you to monitor the heat levels.

I am currently testing the Hotbox composter and am amazed at hot quickly the material rots down to allow you to add more and more. I keep the bin full to the top and have inserted a mixture of food waste, hedge and lawn trimmings, weeds and other plant material.

Over the last 11 years of running Fredshed I have tested many weird and wonderful compost bin and so far this is the best performer.

As I like to undertake long term testing and take into account the durability of products I will be updating the feature annually to show you my results.

Setting up my Hotbin

After 6 months use I am impressed with the performance of the Hotbin.

It has taken mountains of mixed material

I found a bit of lawn clippings mixed in now and again helps keep it hot.

The resulting compost is very good and easy to get at.

Check price of the Hotbin composter with another Fredshed partner site

Click to see other more traditional composting bins




Fiskars Launch Hi Tech Weed Puller

(but is it any good?)

I tested the Fiskars lawn weed puller on soil and lawns

It is great for the larger , deep rooted weeds.

(It is also fun and a bit addictive to use)

The new telescopic version has another added improvement in the D handle.

This makes the tool easier to push into the ground

NEW FOR 2016


 Fiskars Light Weed Puller - Black

If you watch TV then you probably will have seen the advertisement for this new wonder tool to make weeding easier than ever. As part of my work I have been testing weeding gadgets over the last 20 years and have tried dozens of them.

The important thing to realise about weed pulling gadgets is that there are many different types and sizes of weeds and none of the gadgets can cope with them all. Another reason for this is that weeds will be located in different soil types or even lawns.

Compared to most of the ones I have tested I can say the Fiskars weed puller is pretty good at pulling out the larger weeds. It is made from very tough but light fibrecomp material and requires that you have reasonable eyesight and hand eye co-ordination so that you can locate the jaws of the tool around the weed. Once located you press down with your foot and lever the handle backwards to remove the weed.

The tool is described as a lawn weed puller but I found it to equally useful on soil. Wherever you use it remember that a large weed will leave a large hole so have some soil ready to fill in if it is your lawn.

Standard and telescopic Versions

 Fiskars Weed Puller

 Deluxe Quality Fiskars Telescopic Weeder Length 99-119 cm



Wheelbarrow Booster  (as seen on Dragons Den)


Under testing in the Fredshed garden

Boost capacity

This simple and cheap product is so useful and can save you lots of effort if you are moving large amounts of material by wheelbarrow.

It is made from strong polypropelyne with an stretch elastic bottom that is designed different sizes of wheelbarrow.

Easy to fit and very effective for lighter bulky material. It can be taken off and stored separately when not required.

At around £12-£13 this clever British invention is a must have for every wheelbarrow owner! 

click here to buy from a Fredshed partner site




The Apple Wizard - Apple Collecting Tool


   New Lightweight tool for picking up apples without bending!

If you have fallen apples and want a fast and easy way to collect them then this UK made tool is ideal.

It works like magic and I just love using it. The flexible stainless steel cage just gently opens and the apples roll in.

Makes a superb present for anyone with apple trees and will pay for itself if you can eat or store your apples faster.

This is a top quality product and the UK manufacturer offers a repair service should you need it.





 Bosch Indego Robot Lawnmower


Over the last 16 years I have tested various Robomows and the Mowbot and the British made Husqvarna Robot Mower.

The Bosch Indego is the latest and most advanced robot mower and I went to see it launched at the Chelsea flower show.

The best feature of this model is that it cuts in straight lines instead of the random pattern that most other robot mowers use. This increases battery duration and reduces wear marks on your lawn.

Previously robot mowers suffered from unreliable supplies of parts and service.

Hopefully Bosch will not have this issue and I am 100% sure that parts will be available for a long time, especially as the Inego is made in the UK!   My experience with Bosch shredders is that they supply parts long after the statutory 10 year  rule that many other manufacturers simply ignore or cannot honour.

click for more details on the Bosch Indego Robot Mower

MS1000 Robomow

Rain sensor and anti-theft device built in

This is the latest and the most advanced Robotic Mower that I have tried. My test lawn is fairly small so it had no problem mowing it as the powerful Lithium-ion battery can cut an area 1000m2.

Setup was fast and easy using the tried and tested Robomow ruler and excellent instructions. The base station and perimeter wire are powered by a mains adapter.

Programming is easy due to the easy to access LCD screen and simple button choice. Setting the cutting height is the best I have seen and is done by lifting the top flap and turning a knob. The simple blades are razor sharp and a special tool is supplied for changing them safely.

The MS1000 gives a 56cm cut and is the only Robotic mower that cuts wider than its wheels so does not leave an uncut edge around your lawn.

The Robomow MS1000 is incredibly quiet and gives a superb cut. the build quality is high and I cant see any issue with this or the base station surviving outside in the UK. (it should be taken inside for the winter months)

The smartphone app is excellent and can be used for remote programming

The RM1000 is powered by a 26v 4.6  amp hour battery

More test info coming soon, e-mail me for details if you are UK based


 click here for my page on cordless and robotic mowers

or use link below to see more about the Bosch Indego

click for more details on the Bosch Indego Robot Mower


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 Garden Misting Kit

Don't get Scorchio - keep coolio !




Orbit Arizona Mist 94160 'Kool-Kit' Outdoor Mist Cooling System

This simple little kit connects to your Hozelock style connectors and produces a very fine mist that reduces the outside temperature but does not soak you

The basic kit can be extended and includes a clever drain valve so you can leave it out over winter.

My Ferns love this kit and so do I - just wish I had a few more scorchio days!








Digging without bending - new accessory under testing

I am currently testing the UK made Kikka Digga

This product fits onto your existing spade or fork and then enables you to flick the soil over rather than bending and lifting.

The resulting job can look a bit of a mess but then you can easily rake the soil level , having avoided any lifting or bending.

I will be reporting more findings as members of my team use the tool

Kikka Digga is currently available on the UK Ebay site




This gadget clamps to virtually any fork or spade in seconds



Haxnicks Soft Tie-  New Easy to use plant tie

We all need to tie in our plants at some time but what we don't need on a cold day is fiddling around with a skinny bit of plastic coated wire.

This new plant tie is a strong wire coated in a thick but flexible rubbery material that makes it easy to manipulate and also protects delicate plants. Also as the tie is larger and more durable you are more likely to use it again - and again.

 I really like this product which will be especially useful for gardeners with arthritis and people with fingers like sausages.

The soft spongy coated wire is also gentle on your plants.

Soft tie is available in a range of widths and lengths and in brown or green.

click to buy Haxnicks soft tie



Gentle on plants - gentle on fingers.

Available in green or brown, thick or thin.

Re- use it again and again, ! 







coming soon - clipper box

This simple gadget clips to the side of your edging shears and collects the grass

Saves hours of clear up work over the season

Makes a neater cleaner job for all you OCD types



 ClipperBox - Attaches to existing garden shears to collect clippings




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