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Updated 1st April 2017


Black & Decker 36v Cordless  Garden Vac

I have tested quite a few mostly mains electric blower vacs that tended to be great at blowing but struggled to pick up wet leaves.

Petrol models are more power but I don't review petrol machinery on Fredshed due to the constant problem users have starting and maintaining the engines.

One thing I would like to stress


For many years I have been waiting to see a decent battery powered garden vacuum.

Black & Decker make a great range of 36v power tools and now a blower vac has joined the family.

Thanks to new high power Li-ion batteries this type of tool can be made lightweight and ideal for smaller cleanups,

Dry leaves and debris like cigarette butts are easily collected from patios, decking and gravel.

The power level is adjustable which makes the battery last longer but also you can set it to remove debris from gravel and not pick up the gravel too.

I don't think it will pick up wet leaves that well but I will update you n this soon

 BLACK+DECKER GWC3600L20-GB 36V Blower Vac

(the same battery can power a superb chainsaw and a powerful strimmer)

 Black & Decker GLC3630L20-GB 36V Cordless Strimmer

 Black & Decker A6481 Spool & Line For Reflex Strimmer

Black & Decker CLM3820L2-GB 36V 2.0Ah Lawn Mower with 2 Batteries

BLACK+DECKER GKC3630L20-GB 30 cm 36 V Lithium Chainsaw



240v Mains Powered Garden Vacuums

Best Garden Vacuums/Leaf Blowers

After several years of testing I have decided that I don't really like garden vacs- They are noisy, cover you in dust and a pain in the **** to store. Many suck up stones and trash the blade that is meant to shred the leaves. 


They also work better on blow than suck as wet leaves stick to the ground, this is why you rarely see a contractor using a hand held garden vacuum.

 Contractors do use hand held blowers and blow material onto a sheet in a corner. This is more practical and dedicated blowers are very simple and reliable machines.

I think that the electric garden  vacuum can be described as a triumph of marketing over practicality.

However if you are big and strong, like noisy machines and really want one please use the link below where you will see a range of them from a reliable Fredshed recommended retailer

click for prices of blowers and garden vacs



Bosch ALS 2500 Garden Vacuum


This is one of the lightest garden vacs and is also a bit of a transformer as you can swop the tubes and bag around depending if you want to blow or suck.

It is well balanced and effectively collects the leaves and shreds them too.

As this type of machine is easily damaged by foreign objects or getting jammed up Bosch have built in a safety cut out mechanism that cuts the motor and saves you wrecking it. Whilst this is a clever feature it is a bit too clever for some owners who don't read the manual and believe the tool has failed when in fact it has just cut out and will start again when it has cooled down.

In fact some early models did have a problem with the cut-out sensitivity which has been resolved and my 2015 test sample works reliably .





18v Cordless Leaf blowers  & Cordless Sweepers

Some years back I tested 18v cordless leaf blowers and was very disappointed. Whilst the idea was good the product was a bit ahead of its time and let down by a poor quality NiCad battery.

Luckily technology has moved on  and 18v Lithium-ion batteries give these blowers enough power for a decent clear up of leaves.

I tested the Makita and the Bosch 18v blowers.

The Makita BUB182Z blower costs around 50 but this does not include a battery or charger. These will be another 85!  It forms part of a range of over 20 18v professional quality power tools and Makita assume this will be purchased by customers who already have the battery and charger from their drills, saws, and grinders etc.

The Bosch 18v cordless leaf blower comes with  a 2 amp hour LI-ion battery and  charger for about 80 so is a much better deal than the Makita.



The 18v Bosch 18v battery powered leaf blower





 Bosch ALS 2500 Electric Garden Blower/ Vacuum

Bosch ALS 2500 Garden vac







The lightweight Makita cordless blower

The Makita model does not include batteries or charger.

The Bosch ALB 18Li does include battery and charger and also is more effective at blowing due to the upturned nozzle end.

 Bosch ALB 18 LI Cordless Lithium Ion Leaf Blower Featuring Syneon Chip (1 x 18 V Battery, 2.0 Ah)

Use a tarpaulin to collect the leaves and save time clearing up!

 W0726 Garland Heavy Duty Garden Sheet


Petrol Leaf Blowers

These are a similar weight to the mains electric versions but have more power. If you are confident with starting 2 stroke engines then I would rather recommend a petrol machine. Like the electric ones the budget versions mostly use a second tube that has to be switched over for the vacuuming function.

Mainly on Fredshed I do  not recommend petrol powered products as many people find them difficult to start and to maintain. Also manufacturers use so many different engines that I cannot possibly keep up to date.

With the increased power and reducing prices of Li-ion battery powered tools I think petrol equipment will become almost obsolete except for the largest equipment used by contractors.

If you  do want a small petrol blower for domestic use the McCullogh 25cc petrol blower vac is well priced and has encouraging reader reviews.


If you prefer to collect leaves manually click below for

Leaf rakes, grabbers and leaf sacks




click here for prices and more garden vacs

The Spear & Jackson version is bigger AND cheaper

  Spear & Jackson Plastic Leaf Grabber


Heavy Duty Cordless Hedge Trimmers

Latest Cordless Hedge trimmer  - Bosch AHS 54 -20 Li with 36v battery!

This  hedge trimmer is the first of a new breed of garden tools powered by high powered batteries designed to offer a serious alternative to mains electric and even petrol machinery.

As the laws on fuel emissions tighten up more battery powered mowers, trimmers and chainsaws are appearing. Bosch have made a head start in this with a range of all 3 of the above mentioned tools that are powered by one, interchangeable 36v Lithium ion battery.

I have used this battery for around 7 years in a mower and it is impressive. The new 36v hedgetrimmer has the usual top quality Bosch blades and combined with the innovative battery it really is a tool I rate highly. When used to cut my larger bay tree is actually cut through branches i would usually use secateurs or loppers on!

With the battery fitted it is quite a heavy tool so this is not one for old ladies, feeble men and anyone with a back problem etc,


The Bosch chainsaw above uses the same battery type as the hedge trimmer.


click here for more details on the latest and best cordless electric hedge trimmers


If you buy a Bosch 36v hedge trimmer you might be interested in the 36v mowers


 Bosch Rotak 37 Li Lithium-Ion Cordless Lawnmower 4.0ah Battery

Use the links below to compare prices from another Fredshed recommended supplier


(Currently 369 on 4th October)






This battery powered hedge trimmer uses the latest Li-ion technology to offer a viable alternative to a mains powered tool


The sample I tried cut through anything that fitted between its teeth!


The Bosch cordless mowers use the same 36v battery but with twice the amp hour

You can use either of the three 36v batteries in any of the Bosch 36v cordless tools

Bosch 36V-Li, 4.0Ah Li-ion Battery


Bosch Keo - Cordless saw

This superb little saw is lightweight yet surprisingly powerful thanks to its 10.8v Li-ion battery and clever gearing.

I have used it extensively to prune tress and to cut up old branches and building timber for my wood burning stove.

A range of blades are available for different materials and I am particularly impressed with the metal hacksaw blade.

There are a couple of little things I don't like about it , firstly the battery is built in and secondly the connector to charge it is hard to insert.

If you can live with these 2 small issues then it is a very useful tool and one I will be using a lot myself even though I have larger, more powerful reciprocating saws.

Update May 2015

After a lot of use cutting firewood, tree pruning and DIY I have decided that the Bosch Keo is one of my favourite tools and I absolutely love it, and so does everyone else on my team who has used it.

The removable metal guard that holds branches is particularly useful and once you get your technique right you will be able to cut branches up to around 4 inches thick with ease.

Despite its relatively small battery the keo is a tool that punches well above its weight!





 Bosch KEO Cordless Multisaw

 Bosch Keo Blades (Pack of 3)





Electric Lawn Rakers and Scarifiers

Tested and reviewed by Fred-in-the-shed

My German Made AL-KO 38cm wide raker

Click here to buy or get more details

To keep your lawn well drained and cleared of "thatch" build up I recommend using a powered lawnraker. (also known as an electric scarifier).

Doing this job by hand on anything other than small areas is for the super-fit, super-skint or totally insane!

Sadly, like grass trimmers there are a lot of poorly designed and made lawn scarifiers out there

Here are some of the better ones I have tried and tested over the last 20 years.

The Black and Decker GD200GB had been around for a long time and is a cheap and cheerful workhorse for lawnraking. It has been replaced by the GD300 with a 600w motor. Bosch made a similar and slightly better built model called the AMR32F lawn raker. It has now been replaced by two 900watt models. One has tines the other has metal blades that will rip your lawn apart.

The Bosch ALR900 is the one with tines and the one to get if your budget is around 130

The Flymo Compact 3400 is a great mid price scarifier and has also been around a long time with mostly very good reviews.  I like it and at 80 ish is a good deal with a 750w motor.

If you have a large lawn you will need a more powerful lawn aerator. The budget price 400w electric ones are not up to the job and will take ages to cover the distance, or burn out under the strain. There are better and more expensive machines for larger lawns but at 70 these cheapie lawnrakers I tested were adequate for use once or twice a year on small lawns

TOP TIP - don't set blades too deep or use on hard dry lawns - this may burn out your motor!

I also tested the AL-KO 1300W raker/scarifier which comes with 2 interchangeable cylinders, one with wire blades for raking and the other with fixed metal blades for deeper aerating. The Al-KO is extremely effective and is the model I have chosen to keep and use regularly.

Click here to buy AL-KO scarifier or get more details

All of the above machines have their pros and cons, all could and should be improved. A common problem with them all is the limited range of height adjustment and small collection boxes. On average I like the Flymo best - for small- medium lawns and usage. Please use my links or mail me if you need help choosing an electric lawn-raker

See different makes and heavy duty lawn scarifiers


A good thing to look for is the availability of spares,

Tines may bend or break after a lot of use, especially if your lawn is too dry!


Fred's recommended powered lawn rakers

My old Black & Decker powered lawn raker (RIP)

Years of service and good results !

use link below for newer model

 Black & Decker GD300 30 cm Lawnraker

Bosch 900w and Draper 45544 1300w Lawnraker

The Bosch beat the Draper in my test in every way.

The Flymo came close 2nd


 Flymo 750 Watt Lawnraker Compact 3400

compare price of the Flymo Lawnraker 340

use link below for AL-KO 1300w beast

click to see a large range of heavier duty lawn scarifiers










Electric Garden Shredders

Garden shredders are one of my favourite tools. Gone are the days of smoky bonfires, neighbours complaining of smelly washing, dusty cars and burned down homes. I now longer disguise my car as a mobile forest and spend hours in a queue waiting to see the waste of an entire city. Instead I sit happily beside a shiny machine feeding in branches and receiving bags of woodchip mulch that I USED TO PAY ,S FOR. Shredders are lovely, the equipment  industry knows this and has flooded the market with domestic shredders. Many unfortunately are rubbish.

I have tested the following shredders

AL-KO SP5000 Silent shredder, AL-KO Powerslider2500R shredder, Atco 1800 Quiet shredder, Bosch AXT 180 Rapid Shredder, Bosch AXT200 Rapid Shredder, Bosch AXT2000 HP Silent Shredder, Bosch AXT2000 Rapid Shredder,  Bosch AXT2200 Rapid Shredder ,Bosch AXT2200HP Quiet Shredder , Bosch AXT25D , Bosch AXT 23 TC, Black & Decker GA 1600e shredder, Draper 1800w and 2400W Shredders, JCB GSB 1800 Shredder, Makita DSH201 Shredder, Powerdevil shredder. Ryobi ESR2400. Flymo Pac-a-shred. Wolf Shredder.

my readers have also provided good feedback on the

Aldi 2500w, Ryobi RGS 1500 Shredder, MTD 115E shredder, Viking GE35L shredder, VikingGE103 and GE250 shredders.


Top Tip - Always wear goggles and gloves when using garden shredders. If you really want a poke in the eye let me know and I will see what I can do.


The Lux Optical glasses are the ones I use and superb value for money


Some of the many garden shredders that I have extensively tested during the last 14 years that Fredshed has been online.


Quiet Shredders - Crushing cog or Spiral screw mechanism? Which is best?

My recommended crushing type (silent or quiet) shredder is the Bosch AXT 25D. This machine is the most heavy duty and durable of the Bosch machines. It replaces the AXT2200HP and the AXT2000HP.

The AXT25D uses a cog to crush the branches into chunks rather than chippings. It is more robust than the old Bosch AXT2000HP machine that used a spiral cutter and had a tendency for the edges of the spiral to corrode and then chip.

for more details or to send me feedback on your shredder  mail me - fred@fredshed.com  

check shredder prices at garden4less.co.uk



The Three Shredders

You've probably heard of the Three Tenors! well they are boring compared to the Three Shredders I tested in my "shred to shred" showdown!

Bosch (Atco) Makita (Brill), and JCB and Draper did the job, (in different ways). Let me know if you have a shredder that works well and we can tell the world.

I have also tested many more shredders that I would not allow in my shed and sourced hundreds of shredders for my readers who supply me with feedback on performance and longevity..

There are 2 basic types of electric shredder, cutting (spinning blade) and crushing (cog or spiral screw) shredders. There are pros and cons of each depending on what you want to achieve. To add to the confusion Bosch have now launched a "turbine cutter"!  

My favourite  "silent" shredder is the Bosch  AXT25D



Cheapest Garden Shredders

(Impact or Spinning Blade type)

As these machines are simple and easy to make the can be very cheap and can be good at dealing with softer material.

Some of these cheap shredders are still total rubbish and should be avoided. The cheapest ones have one blade like a razor blade and underpowered motors.

In 2004 Bosch introduced the AXT "RAPID" impact shredders to compete with the budget shredders. These machines can  take soft foliage as well as woody branches and have double (reversible) blades similar to a rotary lawnmower.. However some of my readers reported rapid blade wear and in response Bosch have designed some new blades which are laser cut in Switzerland and should be much better.

If you are thinking of buying a cheap shredder or want to tell me about a bad one please e-mail me at 

fred@fredshed.com  and I will recommend the shredder for your needs

Product News - the Bosch AXT180 , AXT200,AXT2000 RAPID have been  discontinued and the AXT2200 RAPID improved WITH MORE POWER  AND IMPROVED SWISS MADE BLADE

The Bosch rapid shredders are great but are noisy and hard work to feed compared to a self feeding quiet shredder. However if you have a smallish garden or infrequent use they are an ideal option for a good price.



A typical cheap impact or spinning blade shredder

This one has one (reversible) razor blade type cutter. The Bosch AXT rapid shredders have 2 cutting blades on the end of a lawnmower style cutting bar.

The most complained about products reported to fredshed are cheap brands of garden shredders and bendy stainless steel garden forks.

Do yourself and the planet a favour and avoid these largely Chinese made products. Mail me if you need help sourcing good quality long lasting garden power tools.


Bosch AXT  2200 RAPID Shredder

Winner of the 2007 Golden Shed Award

(followed by Which best buy award )






Upgrade your Bosch Rapid Shredder with the new laser cut blade made in Switzerland

lasts up to 70% longer, double sided, reverse it when one side becomes blunt

 Bosch Replacement Blade for AXT Rapid 2000/2200

 Bosch Collection Bag/Cover for all Shredders

Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 Blade Shredder (40 mm Cutting Capacity)


Click here for my page dedicated to BOSCH GARDEN SHREDDERS

also links to Bosch Shredder parts

and repair tips!


Best Mains Powered Electric Hedge trimmers

 Hedge Trimmer or Hedge Cutter? is there a difference?

According to me, a Hedge Trimmer is a lighter weight, smaller bladed machine for removing soft green growth from hedges.

A Hedge Cutter, is a heavier duty, larger bladed and more powerful machine capable of removing the green growth on hedges and is

able to cut back into the older woodier material too.

Some tools will fit into both categories depending on the hedge you are cutting.

However , if a low powered hedge trimmer is used to cut woody material it is unlikely it will do it for long as the blades will blunt and wear or the motor or other components may burn out.


Cordless (battery powered) hedge trimmers are rarely capable of cutting woody hedge material.

Some high powered mains electric hedge cutters are better than most cheap petrol machines, so you cant judge just on power as the size and quality of the blade is crucial.

To add more complication some models have anti lock clutches or anti jam, sawing like features.


If you are buying a mains powered electric hedge trimmer then it is likely that you have a large hedge so go for one with plenty of power and a long blade if you have the strength to hold it.. More important is the quality of the blade since this is a machine that is going to take a lot of stick!

Don't be tempted by really cheap hedge trimmers, you will most likely be wasting your money as the blades will soon go blunt and fail to cut or damage your stems.

Best Mains Electric Hedge Trimmer

For the money I think  the most impressive mains electric hedge trimmer I have tested is the Bosch AHS 45-16, or its slightly larger cousin the AHS 50-16. This is a real, no nonsense workhorse that has been in production many years either as Bosch or Qualcast.

Qualcast is now Chinese owned and made, (and best avoided)

The Bosch hedgetrimmers are  well made with precision ground  blades and tough motors. 16mm blade spacing ensures that they cut even thick stems with ease.

A good alternative is the excellent Bosch AHS 60-16 which has a very long 60cm  blade and some really good customer reviews. If you want a normal size, no nonsense reliable hedge trimmer with quality blades at a low price then the Bosch AHS 50-16 is the one I recommend.


Best Mains Electric Hedge Cutter

The Bosch AHS7000 Pro massacring a thick old Eleagnus 


The largest Bosch electric hedge cutter is the AHS 7000 Pro. This machine is truly awesome and will outperform many petrol machines. If you need to reduce the high significantly of a mature hedge then this is the tool. You will need to be fairly strong as it is BIG!.

It has a 700 watt motor, 70cm Blade Length with Tooth Spacing of 34mm

12m of cable, Laser Cut Diamond Ground blades

Quick Stop Blade Brake and high-torque (80Nm) slipping clutch for easy cutting

Blade tip protector for cutting along walls and paths,

Weight - 3.8kg

This model has now be re-named as the Bosch AHS 70-34 and is the largest Bosch mains electric hedge cutter available. 





The AHS 50-16 has a bigger motor and longer blade

The AHS 60 - 16 has a 60cm blade for wider hedges.


For Heavy Duty Hedge Cutters see links below


Both models are the same apart from an extra 10cm blade length

Weight - 4.4kg

So you will need to be strong to use it!

(same for this long reach version below)


 Bosch AMW 10 HS Multi-Tool with Pole Hedgecutter Attachment


Battery Powered Cordless Chainsaws

A petrol or mains powered chainsaw is a scary and potentially dangerous tool to use but cannot be beaten for serious tree work. Often though people just want a more user friendly saw for small jobs and a good cordless 18v chainsaw may be a perfectly adequate solution.

I have used several models over the last 16 years and regularly use my Makita for cutting up old branches to make logs for my wood burning stove.

Buy a cordless chainsaw and use your garden waste as valuable fuel - don't waste fuel driving it to the dump!

I test 3 of the best 18v cordless chainsaws.



Makita  18v cordless chainsaw

vs Black & Decker 18v model


3 of the best 18v Cordless chainsaws with Li-Ion  batteries

Battery capacity -  May  2016

B&D -            1.5 amp hour battery

Greenworks      2 amp hour battery

Wolf               3 amp hour battery

Click here to see my special page dedicated to cordless chainsaws




Best electric grass trimmer?

 Cordless grass trimmers tested and reviewed

use the link below for my new page

click here for my page on cordless grass trimmers


After testing most of the popular makes of electric trimmer I was very disappointed. Many were either uncomfortable to use or had ridiculously complicated nylon line dispensers that were very hard to replace.

I know of at least 2 people who became so frustrated that they smashed their trimmers against a wall and threw them away!

Another annoying thing about electric grass trimmers is the cable - that's why I much prefer the battery powered cordless grass trimmers.

Luckily Li-ion batteries have improved the performance of these cordless tools and they are now worth looking at.

The new cordless trimmers from Bosch have a wheel that supports the weight of the machine and the handles and shafts are adjustable in every way to make the tools easier to use.

click here for my page on cordless grass trimmers





Gardengroom safety Hedge Trimmer

Trim, Vac and Shred in one go!

Many accidents happen with electric hedge trimmers, either by cutting fingers or electrocution from cutting the cable. About 10 year ago I met an Inventor called Graham Wilson who had a solution - he designed a hedge trimmer with a concealed rotary blade. Another advantage of this design is that the blade would cut and shred the clippings and then blow them into a bag.

Over the years my testing concluded that the Garden Groom is not the best hedge trimmer for everyone but as a specialist product it works very well. It is definitely the safest and the only one that collects and shreds the trimmings- thus saving you a lot of clear up time.

The Garden Groom works best on well maintained hedges that are not too wide. It is fairly heavy and the collecting box fills quickly. However it is now supplied in 2 sizes and  with a tube and large collecting bag which works well if you have space beside your hedge.



This is the Garden Groom Midi, there is also a higher performance model known as the Garden Groom Pro



Mains Powered Grass Trimmers

Black & Decker Strimmers

Black and Decker GL690 Grass Trimmer

Black & Decker Strimmers -

One of the most  powerful electric trimmers available was the Black & Decker GL690 Strimmer,  which has a 630w motor. As with other higher spec machines it has full adjustment and can be used to trim the top or sides of your lawn.

An interesting feature with the GL690 is that is has two different and interchangeable cutting cassette systems. One conventional spool of nylon and then a "heavy duty" clip in blade like a big nylon cats whisker. Overall, due to the vast number of models with different spool and line systems and constant changes I do not like to recommend Black & Decker strimmers.  For this product I am happier recoemneding Bosch as they keep the models going for longer and don't use as many different parts.

see more electric trimmers from a Fredshed recommended supplier


The word "Strimmer" belongs to Black and Decker. If you call any other make of grass trimmer a "strimmer" you could be sued!

When it comes to Strimmers B&D have gone through more models than Peter Stringfellow. So please don't ask me about spares or repairs as I just cant keep up with all the numbers!

Many retailers and websites want to sell you the Grass Trimmer - but can't be bothered to sell the line and spools you will need to continue using it.




My heavy old B&D Strimmer ( above)



Black & Decker Trimmer Spares

Black and Decker trimmers use 3 types of nylon cutting systems. Manual for the older and low spec models and reflex for later models.

The large machines like the GL680 GL685 and GL690 use the Reflex plus system which has the option of the heavy duty "cats whisker" type blade.

I quite like the cats whisker blades as they are easier to fit. Personally I hate nylon trimmer spools as I have wasted many hours trying to fit or fix them. I have also wasted many hours gazing at a rack of plastic spools and lines in B&Q wondering which one to buy!

If you have a Black & Decker Strimmer the most likely spools you will need are the ones below, click for specific model details.


Black & Decker A6481 and A 6441 spools, and best value 50 metre line !



Buy the cats Whisker heavy duty line for the Black & Decker GL680 GL685 and GL690 Trimmers


click here to buy nylon spool for the GL680/685/690 Trimmers



Alternative to Nylon Grass Trimmers

  2 Tools in 1

Grass and shrub trimming!


Also available for the ISIO battery powered sprayer attachment!



 Bosch Isio Cordless Shrub/ Grass Shear

 Bosch Teleskopstiel Isio

 Bosch Sprayer Attachment for Isio III Shrub & Grass Shears


The Bosch ISIO can be converted from a grass shear to a small shrub trimmer in seconds and is surprisingly efficient. I also like the drop in charger base and metal tin that the tool comes in.

 Running time is very good thanks to the Li-ion batteries and I get 20 minutes use which included some woody shrub material. The softer the material you cut the longer the battery will last between re-charges. The Bosch Isio comes in a kit with both blades.

A good accessory is the telescopic handle which makes the Isio easy to use without bending. The handle has wheels and also allows the Isio to be turned on its side to cut vertical edges

Replacement blades are available for the Bosch Isio and I believe this tool and it's spares will be available for many years,  unlike the cheaper copies from discount chains and mail order catalogues.





Telescopic handle and wheels.




Black & Decker Alligator Pruner


This unique tool from Black and Decker combines the features of a small chainsaw with the action of loppers. The result is a very effective pruning tool that is easy to use and most importantly very SAFE.

The Alligator is light enough for me to use from my wheelchair and the clamping jaws and double safety switches make it much safer than any other powered pruning tool. There was an 18v battery version but it has been discontinued.

 use link below to buy a replacement chain for your Black & Decker Alligator




The Black and Decker Alligator had a 550w motor and weights about 4KG. It will easily cut branches up to 100mm ( 4 inches)

This tool is fun to use but you still need to take care with it to protect yourself and also make the tool last longer. This one got abused and a small cog broke. Luckily Black & Decker spares are easily available and the parts were only 3.


 Black + Decker GK1000 Alligator Powered Lopper 550 Watts

 Black + Decker Alligator Chain

My old test model shown, new model is orange in colour but same spec.




Doff Your Cap To Squire Jenkins - another official Fredshed tester of power products.

At his Welsh country estate Squire Jenkins and his man servant "Ted" can give even the most robust tools a thorough workout- and if they don't come up to scratch - just like the peasants,  they shoot em,.......pull !



squire.jpg (8298 bytes)

Squire Jenkins, Purdey & Boss



If you use a powered product like a shredder , trimmer or hedgetrimmer then buy these cheap but effective goggles.

It's so easy to damage your eyesight , from a speck of blown dust to a flying thorn.

Buy now  - what have you got to lose - only 6 or your eyesight.




I always wear goggles and gloves when testing garden shredders as thorny branches can get whipped about in your hand or face.


If you found my site helpful and would like to make a small donation please use the link below.

Readers are free to e-mail me about all products and some have asked if they could donate towards my hosting fees,

Thank you. Fred



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