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Bosch 18v UniversalHedgePole  

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Over the last 23 years of running Fredshed I have tested many long-reach cordless hedge trimmers.

Originally Cordless hedge trimmers had to be petrol powered but improvements in battery technology mean that even professionals are moving away from petrol machines with their complicated motors, high noise and pollution levels.

Using a long reach cutter is hard on the arms and shoulders so these are tools that you want to be as light as possible.

Most cordless hedge trimmers are either 18(20v) or 36(40v) (same thing).

The 18v models are more suited for smaller hedges and light work.

The 36v and 40v models can run for up to 3 hours of light trimming.

The 36v models will do thicker stems but for a limited period before the battery runs down.

There are 56v and even 80v models but these start to get too heavy for most humans.


Best 18v Long-Reach Cordless Hedgetrimmer


Bosch Universal Hedge Pole, 18 V

If you want a cordless hedge trimmer for thicker or less well kept hedges the new Bosch 18v models are lightweight but will cut stems up to 15mm thick.

The tool is 2m long but telescopes out another 60cm to have a full length of 2.6m.

It is not a particularly light tool at 3.6kg and has a shortish 430mm blade. However it does punch above its weight when cutting.

This is partly due to the Bosch anti-stall technology that reverses the blades in a nano second if the circuitry detects jamming.

This not only saves time but also your fingers as trying to un-jam a sharp bladed hedge trimmer can be a dangerous process.

 Bosch Universal Hedge Pole 18 (bare tool)




One 2.5 amp hour battery can cut a lot of hedge. Recharge time is 1 hour. A spare 2.5 amp hour battery is easily obtained for a fair price and can be used in a wide range of Bosch power tools.

Bosch give a genuine 2 year warranty on this hedge trimmer and you can extend this to 3 years for free by registering your purchase within 4 weeks on the MyBosch website. I don't know any other manufacturer with such a good warranty.

Nothing beats this in the 18v category for weight and power due to the quality of the blades and the electronics that prevent it jamming.

 The only small criticism I can make of the Bosch 18v tool system is that the battery can be a little awkward to release for users with arthritic hands. On the plus side the blade covers are the easiest to get on and off and the triggers and safety locks are easy to operate.


The battery supplied with the long reach trimmer also powers the chainsaw, hedge trimmer & blower shown above.

Bosch 18v cordless chainsaw

Bosch AHS 50-20 LI 18 V Hedge Cutter

Bosch ALB 18V LI Cordless Leaf Blower with 2.5 Ah Lithium-Ion Battery



Bosch 18V Li-ion battery 2.5AH

If you want to also prune a few small branches it is worth looking at this long reach hedge trimmer that can convert to a branch pruner

Einhell 18v Long reach hedge trimmer AND branch pruner




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Stihl HLA 36v Cordless Hedge Trimmer

For larger hedges and thicker stems the 36v Stihl HLA 65 and its telescopic brother the HLA 85 are my choice.

Tools made by Stihl are top quality and the HLA65 is no exception. It is increasingly bought by professionals in preference to petrol powered cutters. The bare tool is over 200 and the end price will depend on your choice of 3 batteries. The largest capacity AP300 battery can give up to 3 hours runtime for light trimming.


Other Tools in the Stihl 36v Range

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Other Long reach Hedge Trimmers tested and reviewed by Fred 

Greenworks 40v Hedge Trimmer

This hedge trimmer uses the superb Greenworks 40v battery which also powers a range of other garden and DIY tools.

Greenworks is owned by Globe Tools, who are based in China and make tools and batteries for many household brands.

Greenworks 40v range has around 30 tools and includes a superb dual purpose hedge trimmer and branch trimmer .

Dual purpose tools are never as good as their individual dedicated versions but can be good for lighter and occasional use.

I have several Greenworks tools and for the price they are good quality. This hedgetrimmer has the usual features and is available as a combo kit with an interchangeable chainsaw head. The normal reach Greenworks hedge trimmer is also a very good product and uses the same battery.

Greenworx 40v heavy duty hedgetrimmer - 61cm blade

With the battery fitted it is quite a heavy tool so this is not one for old ladies, feeble men and anyone a bit weak.

The tool comes with a 2 amp hour 36v battery but larger ones are available separately.

Light and well balanced at around 3.8kg depending on battery option.

Greenworks Long reach hedge AND branch trimmer

Greenworks 40V Lithium-ion 2Ah Battery - (bare tool)




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More Cordless Hedge Trimmers tested by the Fredshed Team

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Lightest Long Reach Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Gtech are a Uk based company best known for their cordless vacuums.

The tool was well packaged with good instructions in plain English. It is well made and easy to operate. It takes 4 hours to charge the battery which could do up to 60 minutes of light trimming.

The 18v Li-ion battery has 4 lights to tell you its state of charge and is very easy to get in/out. This is the lightest and most effective long reach battery hedge trimmer I have tried in the last 20 years and everyone that has used it so far has been impressed.

You can buy longer, telescopic models from other brands but they are just too heavy for many people to use for more than a few minutes.

Gtech have recently replaced the HT20 with a model called the HT50. It can reach to 10ft and can cut stems up to 25mm but still weigh only 2.94kg.

In 2024 the HT50 was joined by a lighter weight LHT 50 weighing a mere 2.14 KG. The smaller lighter blade only cuts 14mm stems compared to 25mm for its heavier brother. Both models come with a handy shoulder harness to reduce strain on your arms and shoulders.

The Gtech HT20 is about a foot shorter than the Bosch and has a smaller blade


Click here for the Gtech cordless hedge-trimmer


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Flymo Sabre 20v Telescopic Hedge Trimmer

 Flymo SabreCut XT 20v Cordless Telescopic Hedge Trimmer

The 18v Flymo Sabre Cut is a good low price, long reach hedge trimmer. In 2019 Flymo introduced a improved version with a 20v Li-ion battery. This battery has 2.5amp hour of power which is ok for small jobs or thin hedges with stems up to 15mm.

Flymo SabreCut XT Mains Powered Telescopic Hedge Trimmer 50 cm

 Yard Force 20V Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer  41cm Cutting Length, Lithium-ion battery & charger

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Special Lubricants For Hedge Trimmers

Keep your hedge trimmer blades running with special resin cleaner and lubricant

Hedge trimmer blades can be very badly affected by the build up of resin, especially from conifers.

The resin forms a hard layer that stops the blades moving freely which can then cause strain to the motor.

The German made Stihl product is unique in that it will remove resin AND lubricate in just a couple of sprays.

The 300ml can is designed for professionals who will use it daily so a can like this will last years in domestic use.

I also like the Bosch lubricant as it is pump action and not aerosol so there is less waste and mess. It is a very good lubricant but does not remove the resin like the more specialised Stihl product.

 STIHL Resin Solvent, For Hedge Trimmer Blades & Chainsaws

 Bosch Lubricant Spray for Cleaning  Your Garden Tools, 250 ml



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If you use a powered product like a grass or hedge trimmer please protect your eyes from dust and debris.

It's so easy to damage your eyesight, from a speck of blown dust - to a flying thorn.

Proper safety goggles are not the prettiest but do create a seal on your face to prevent dust getting in. They are ventilated to avoid steaming up and are large enough to be worn over most glasses.  Buy now - what have you got to lose? - only your eyesight!


Safety Sunglasses with Green Tinted Scratch Resistant Wrap-Around Lenses



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